Who We Are

Eich MS hands

What Distinguishes Eich as an Educational Trailblazer in the Region?

We are a community made of robust, engaged and open-minded students, teachers and parents who come together for one reason:

We Believe Offering an International Baccalaureate (IB) Education is Highly Advantageous in a Global Economy!

W.T. Eich first opened its doors in 1964 and over the last 50 years, thousands of seventh and eighth grade students have learned about the Wildcat Way of fostering safety, respectfulness and responsibility. We believe in personal responsibility, taking calculated risks, asking questions and seeking answers.

Why Choose Us


We Believe in Educating the Whole Student

At Eich, students are not a test score. Our students are encouraged to become well-rounded, accountable and caring individuals. We believe in fostering individuality to create a better, more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.

We Invest in Student Success through IB Education.

Our students prepare themselves here for the future: high school IB Diploma Program, AP classes and the Health Academy along with college and career readiness in a global economy.

We Let Our Story Tell Itself

At Eich, we are all about history and not just the kind that students read about. Our roots run deep here and we take pride in our achievements. We’ve earned numerous national, state and local awards.  Our campus is brimming with considerate, kind, eager teenagers who are preparing to make their mark on this planet. Watch out, world!

Our History

  • 2013
    Accepted as IB candidate school. Earned California Distinguish Award for the second time. Expanded to include sixth grade.
  • 2012
    Selected again to apply to be a California Distinguished School
  • 2008
    Introduced AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) National Certified School.
  • 2006
    Became a Project Fit America School
  • 2000
    Selected as a National Blue Ribbon School
  • 1999
    Selected as a California Distinguished School
  • 1994
    To alleviate a growing population, Buljan Middle School opened on the west part of Roseville
  • 1981
    Opened the John W. Mahan Gymnasium
  • 1964
    Doors opened to become the first junior high in Roseville